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Autoblow Male Vibrator

The Autoblow is an automated cock sucking machine that delivers the ultimate blowjob time and time again :

For just $125, you can buy the world’s first robotic blowjob machine – now even better than before, with a smooth tight sucking sensation that will be unlike anything you have experienced before. The Autoblow 2 is the best sex toy for men.

Rocks Off Vibrating Male Masturbator

rocks-offRocks Off

Say hello to one of the most advanced male vibrators ever made. Rocks Off is a high-tech vibrating ribbed stroker that boasts 2 speeds and 8 patterns.

It has an innovative open case design that allows it to comfortably accommodate all sized men, while it’s compact shape means it is both discreet and highly portable.

Easy to grip handle and intuitive button operation make it ideal for solo masturbation or as a sex toy for couples.

Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Male Vibrator

Jimmyjane Form 5jimmyjane-form-5 ($144)

Featuring a portable palm sized body, fluttering wings along its firm sleek body, the FORM 5 is a vibrator that’s perfect for men, women and couples.

A truly versatile male sex toy, it combines scintillating vibrations with exquisate design to stimulate your cock from balls to tip!

Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 Male Vibrator

alpha-stroker-2Apollo Storker 2 ($114)

Possibly the most advanced male vibrator in the world, this new sex toy machine for men has an incredible 30 function re-chargeable motor – comparable to the highest end vibrators for women.

The Apollo Storker 2 will buz, grip, suck, and vibrate your penis to intense explosions of ecstacy.  Every masturbation session using this advanced toy will be different.  A definate contender for the best male sex toy on the planet!

Adonis Vibrating Stroker for Men

adonis-vibratorAdonis Vibrating Stroker ($29)

Another addition to the choices of male vibrators for men.  This vibrating stroker is made by respected sex toy manufacturer Adonis.  A 10 function male vibrator, this is essentially a powerful vibrating cock ring connected to a masturbation sleeve.  However, the material of the sleeve responds well to the vibrations and so you should feel your whole penis buzzing and rocking as you slide in and out of it.  The 10 functions relate to vibration, pulsation, and escalation.  Finally men can experience what women have known for decades – the amazing thrill of having your sexual organ buzzed and vibrated!


lelo-tor-2LELO Tor 2 ($109)

The ultimate male sex vibrator for couples, the LELO TOR 2 is the updated version of their already insanely popular vibrating cock ring.

TOR 2 is the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable vibrating couples ring. What’s more, it proudly boasts 100% more powerful vibrations than any other similar product in the market.

The LELO TOR 2 is truly unique and definately the male vibrator to buy if you want to share the intensity with your lover!!

Lovehoney Thrust

lovehoney thrustLovehoney Thrust (order from UK)

The Lovehoney Thrust is an exciting new realistic male masturbator that allows you to insert TWO bullet vibrators in pouches on either side of the masturbation sleeve.

The masturbation sleeve looks and feels a lot like a Fleshlight, but not only are you able to turn the toy into a male vibrator, you can also adjust the pressure of the sleeve by means of pressure pads that also run alongside the masturbator.

This great new sex toy for men seems to combine the best of the Fleshlight and the Tenga Flip Hole – with the addition of it being a male vibrator as well!!

M1 Masturbator

m1M1 Masturbator ($47)

The M1 is a ultra-realistic male masturbator that allows you to insert a bullet vibrator in a canal running along the toy’s inner sleeve.

Made from a revolutionary material that is close as possible to the feel and look of real human skin.

Open-ended sleeve  for maximum ease of cleaning.

The canal for the vibrator is stretchy so you can insert just about any sized bullet vibrator.

An incredibly realistic male vibrator for under $50 (bullet vibrator not included)

What better company to make the world’s first male vibrator than Fleshlight – creators of the most popular male sex toys in the world? The Fleshlight Vibro was introduced last year and quickly became established as the next generation sex toy for men.  It has the same patented SuperSkin that made the original FleshLights so popular, but comes with the added touch of vibrating sensations.  Two new inner textures have been created especially for vibrating Fleshlight – ‘Touch’ and ‘Cyclone’.  You can also buy it with the original Fleshlight texture, although the two new sleeves have been specially designed to make the most of the vibrating feature.

Buy the Fleshlight Male Vibrator ‘Vibro’ for $79.95


Cobra Libre Vibrator

cobra libreWhilst the Fleshlight Vibro is still a male masturbation sleeve and still uses an element of thrust, the revolutionary Cobra Libre is the world’s first genuine male vibrator.

The first thing to notice about the Cobra Libre is its unique and stylish design, resembling more a racing car toy than a male sex toy.  Slide your penis in, however, and rev up the powerful internal engines and you’ll immediately know what this thing is.  Your penis is likely to experience a sensation that it has never felt before – in fact, that few men have felt before.  The buzz that travels down your penis tip to your testicles is intense and absolutely delicious.  You an rev the vibration speed up or put your finger on the decelarator.  You can also manipulate the intensity and location of the vibration by gently massaging your penis through the lovely soft material that the top of the toy is made up of.

However, it may take a while for you to cum using this – although the feeling is so amazing, you’d be a strange guy to want to finish quickly.  I guess for some, being driven to such a highly charged sexual state might give you an overwhelming desire to release your load – if that’s the case, I suggest using this with a masturbation sleeve.  The Cobra is a fantastic luxury masturbation toy as well as a great stimulator to start your masturbation (or lovemaking) session off.  It’s fairly quiet considering the power it packs and, because it’s waterproof, cleaning it is very easy.

All in all, the first and best male vibrator.  It’s hard to see how this can be improved upon, but it will be good fun to see other manufacturers try (as they surely will given the success of the Cobra Libre).  Until then, don’t hesitate to try this one out.

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